"Art is not the idea, but its realization"

(Andy Warhol)


"Faith without works is dead."

(James, the Apostle, 2,17+20)


If one of the definitions for ART is that it serves the public by reflecting and explaining the world at a certain point in history it is hard to believe, that DESIGN doesn't serve a similar purpose.


At any rate the role assignment is not as clear-cut any more, since art seems to be all about money today and designers are more and more concerned about ethics, the environment and their impact on the world.

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the concept of art.


Therefore we (MILTON GLASER and I) hereby submit a suggestion.


We eliminate the term ART and replace it by the term WORK and develop the following descriptions:



WORK which goes beyond its designated purpose and moves us in a deep and mysterious way will be called OUTSTANDING WORK.


WORK which is elaborate, stylistically excellent and done with great precision will be called GOOD WORK.


WORK which serves its purpose and lays no claim to anything else will be called SIMPLE WORK.


All the other pathetic and phony stuff which surrounds us daily will be described by the term POOR WORK.




Everything else can be discussed in person, please feel free to contact me and make an appointment.





Traugott Joachim Mall

Dipl. Des. FH